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Jacob thomson
Jacob thomson
19:36 31 Mar 19
The job was done really well and for a good price, very cool guy came in less than 15min and changed my lock.Lees meer
Bianca Litwinczuk
Bianca Litwinczuk
11:28 29 Mar 19
Ze waren op tijd een de prijs klopte ook met de opgave. Netjes en snel geholpen. Erg fijnLees meer
Alister Mew
Alister Mew
17:11 19 Mar 19
Great service & fast!Lees meer
16:36 12 Feb 19
Supergoed geholpen door Jeffrey, hij is heel vriendelijk en professioneel!Lees meer
Jan Peter Kalksma
Jan Peter Kalksma
19:05 11 Dec 18
Top service, binnen 20 minuten ter plaatse, ik was snel weer binnen en vaste prijs van € 85.Lees meer
JR Korzelius
JR Korzelius
18:46 19 Aug 18
Bij thuiskomst was mijn sleutel afgebroken in het slof. AAHS Slotenwacht gebeld en de monteur was binnen 20 minuten ter plekke. Binnen 5 minuten kon ik weer mijn huis binnen en heeft hij het afgebroken stuk uit het slot kunnen halen. Top service en een goede prijsafspraak vooraf (zondag tarief).Lees meer
Nik P.
Nik P.
09:01 07 Feb 18
Negative experience! Called at 7:35 after being locked out, they sent someone who instead of ''30 minutes'' arrived after 1 hour, didn't speak english, looked very shady, no uniform/logo/whatsoever, and only took cash ( 95 euros and of course no receipt)Lees meer
Todor Yakimov
Todor Yakimov
20:53 11 Sep 16
Great, timely service at a great price!!!!Lees meer
Bekijk alle beoordelingen is an officially certified member of the Nederlandse Sleutel- en Slotenspecialisten Gilde (NSSG)

Open locks

You probably recognize it, you are outside and suddenly you realize that you have left the key inside or lost on the way home. A very annoying situation, because how do you enter your house now?

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Burglary damage

A burglary in your home is of course always annoying, you often sleep a lot less pleasantly and you can lose valuable items. In addition to these lost items, a burglary is often accompanied by damage to your home.

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Replace locks

You will recognize it, the situation that you are at your door and your keys are no longer in your pocket or pocket. Annoying, because now you are not entering your own house and someone else has the opportunity to remove stuff from your house without difficulty!

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Locksmith Amsterdam

Are you in urgent need of finding a locksmith in the area of Amsterdam? Within a reasonable time you will be able to enter your house again when you call the express service of Amsterdam Locksmith! Unfortunately the annoying situation that you forgot your key or that there was a break-in in your house and the lock is broken still happens too often. Amsterdam Locksmith has a special express service for Amsterdam and the surrounding areas which is obviously also available at night or outside the usual hours. These 24-hour locksmiths will meet you as soon as they can in order to repair, to replace or to open your lock. This unique service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for Amsterdam and surrounding areas and will resolve all problems you have with locks.

Sometimes it may be tempting to postpone problems with your lock, for example when your lock is broken or when a key got stuck in it. However, we recommend that you have the lock repaired as soon as possible by a recognised locksmith. This is how you prevent unwanted guests from entering your house and additionally this also immediately solves the problem! It does not matter what time you call us: the 24-hour locksmiths of Amsterdam Locksmith will quickly help you solve the problems you may have with your lock. The locksmith of Amsterdam Locksmith repairs your lock in no time and replaces the defective parts if necessary. As a result you will not have to worry about this any longer and your safety is assured!

24-hour Amsterdam Locksmith

If you recognise one of the situations above, you may be looking for a suitable and fast locksmith in Amsterdam. You have found him! Do not wait any longer and call our 24-hour locksmith from Amsterdam Locksmith. We ensure that we will be at the desired location very soon in order to repair, to open or to replace your lock if necessary. It does not matter if you need us at 3 o’clock in the afternoon or at 3 o’clock at night. The locksmiths of Amsterdam Locksmith are at your service day and night to provide you with our assistance!

You can reach the express service of Amsterdam Locksmith day and night, 7 days a week, at telephone number: 020-3635777